Book cover The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst
The book which sparked this website.
Web Typography book cover Web Typography by Richard Rutter
A handbook for designing beautiful and effective responsive typography. The book this website grew into.
Book cover Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Muller-Brockmann
The definitive word on using grid systems in graphic design. With examples on how to work correctly at a conceptual level and exact instructions for using all of the systems, this is as valid for the Web as it is for print.

References & Tutorials

Alan Wood’s Unicode Tests
Massively comprehensive resource for locating and testing Unicode characters.
How to size text using ems
Tutorial on Clagnut which explains in detail how to size text on websites using ems. Covers the issues of inheritance and transitioning from pixel-based text sizing.
Em Calculator
Handy online tool for converting pixels to ems.
How to Size Text in CSS
A best practice that satisfies designers and users and works across browsers and platforms.
The amazing em unit and other best practices
Font sizing tutorial from the W3C.
Figuring It Out: OSF, LF, and TF Explained
Great explanation of lining, old-style (text) and tabular figures from FontShop.


A journal of typography featuring news, observations, and open commentary on fonts and typographic design.
A regular digest and commentary on the typography and design industry, written by designers from around the world.
Collaborative blog with typographic news and views from around the world. Also present is a forum and a gradually evolving wiki.
I Love Typography
Bold, graphical blog devoted to typography, type, fonts and typefaces.
Joe Clark on typography
Typography found and discussed.
Clagnut on typography
An ever growing list of typographic links at Clagnut.
Ministry of Type
Fabulous blog on published type from Aegir Hallmundur.
Type For You
More great typographic blogging.
Critiques of typographically eminent websites.


HTML 4.01
CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders Module
CSS3 Box Model Module
CSS3 Fonts Module
CSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module
CSS3 Line Module
CSS3 Lists Module
CSS3 Multi-column Layout Module
CSS3 Paged Media Module
CSS3 Text Effects Module
CSS3 Web Fonts Module



Cover of ‘The Elements of Typographic Style’ by Robert Bringhurst

Cover of ‘Web Typography’ by Richard Rutter